Faqs By Drive Chains

Choosing the correct chain


  • Chain sizes:

    The size of the chain can usually be found on the side of a link.

    Generally sizes are referred to as 'pitch X length'.

    Example: 428X114 - pitch of 428 and chain length of 114 links.

    The distance between the chain pins is referred to as the ‘Pitch’.

    Chain Types:

    Standard Chain: is a regular chain suited for smaller road bikes. (125cc-250cc)

    Heavy Duty Chains: popular for mid- sized road bikes & most MX bikes.

    O-ring Chain: Suitable for most road bikes over 400cc & also for MX/Enduro use. They retain lube better than HD chains.

    Z-ring or X-ring Chains: Both retain grease longer than an O-ring due to the shape of the rubber rings.

    Chain Maintenance:

    Road bikes: Lubricate chain every 500-800 km’s.

    Off-road/motocross bikes: Depending on riding conditions, however lubrication recommended after each ride and after each high pressure clean. Allow chain lube sufficient time to dry before riding again.

    Chain Replacement:

    The motorcycle chain's appearance will be a good indicator of when to change your bike chain. If it's stretched or twisted, it's time to change your bike chain. You should also take a close look at the chain links, making sure that they're not worn. If they are, change them.

    Always replace the chain and both sprockets at the same time.  A worn component will shorten the life of the rest.